Esperanto in non-Esperantist music

Esperanto made appearances in popular music at various occasions and this listing is not (and cannot be) complete. I know that there are more bands who used Esperanto or made songs about it, especially in France, Finland and Japan, but I need YOU to confirm the names before I post them on here. Drop me a message.

Testimonials on Learning Esperanto

A lot of people all around the world have noted their observations as they started to learn Esperanto. Read for example what Marina Evdokimova, a 17-year-old girl from Russia wrote:

"I realized that it's actually not very 'normal' that I had been learning the language for just two months and already could express basically everything I wanted to, albeit looking up many words in the dictionary. I was so inspired that I read Gerda malaperis! to the end in three days :) Esperanto is addictive."

What others had to say:

Common criticisms about Esperanto

When hearing about Esperanto, many people initially have objections to it. However, most of the criticisms are unfounded, as you can read below. Find out for example why Esperanto is more suitable than English as an international language, how Esperanto is not Euro-centric, why it is as easy as it should be and how it promotes language diversity.

Reasons to Learn Esperanto

There are many reasons to learn Esperanto. It's easy, expressive, neutral, fun and can help you in many respects.

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